Wicked Ridge Blackhawk 360

The Blackhawk 360 from Wicked Ridge accelerates bolts at speeds up to 360fps and is made entirely in the USA.

Original price was: CHF 499.00.Current price is: CHF 449.00.

Wicked Ridge Blackhawk 360
Wicked Ridge Blackhawk 360 CHF 499.00 Original price was: CHF 499.00.CHF 449.00Current price is: CHF 449.00.

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The Blackhawk 360 has an overall length of 35.5″ (approx. 90.2cm) without foot stirrup and a width of 19″ (approx. 48.2cm) when untensioned and 15″ (approx. 38.1cm) when drawn. The weight of the Blackhawk 360 without accessories is approx. 5lbs (approx. 2.7kg). The Blackhawk 360 has a draw weight of 75lbs (approx. 79.3kg) with which speeds of up to 360fps (approx. 109.7m/s) can be achieved.

The Blackhawk 360 has a tactical black aluminum stock with a fully integrated front grip. The stock has a Picatinny rail under the front of the barrel to which additional accessories such as an additional quiver, flashlight etc. can be attached.

TenPoint’s compact multi-line scope features fully coated triple optics and three duplex reticles calibrated to 20, 30 and 40 yards, plus a fourth line for shots out to 50 yards. The reticle is illuminated in red or green and the intensity can be adjusted.

The stock of the Blackhawk 360 is equipped with TenPoint’s DFI (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor), which prevents accidental dry fires. The crossbow is also equipped with extended safety wings that hold the shooter’s hand securely under the string barrel.

The Ready-to-Hunt package includes a TenPoint Multi-Line scope, cocking aid, removable mounting quiver and three XX75 Wicked Ridge 20″ aluminum bolts. The Blackhawk 360 is manufactured entirely in the USA and is delivered pre-set and fully assembled from the factory.


360fps (ca. 109.7m/s)

Draw Weight max.

175lbs (ca. 79.3kg)

Draw length max.

13.5" (ca. 34cm)

Width (max.)

19" (ca. 48cm)

Width (min.)

15" (ca. 38.1cm)

Length (max.)

35.5" (ca. 90cm)


5lbs (ca. 2.3kg)


black, Black Camo

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