• Modeled after adult compound bows, the Warrior is the perfect transitional bow for kids and teens.

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  • The EK Achery Buster is a popular, small and compact compound bow, specially designed for children and teenagers, which can always be adjusted optimally.

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  • This youth bow offers the complete technology of an adult bow in a compact format.

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  • The Diamond Prism youth bow’s draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 55lbs and its draw length from 18 to 30″ to accommodate growth.

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  • The PSE Micro Midas is a youth bow with a stand height of 6″, a length of 24″ and an adjustable draw length from 14″ to 25″.

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  • The Mini Burner compound bow is ideal for young archers as it has an adjustable draw length from 16″ to 26.5″ and a draw weight from 4 to 40lbs.

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  • The PSE Uprising is characterized by its high adaptability and is suitable for beginners and advanced archers.

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