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  • The Cruzer G2 from Bear Archery is a maximally versatile compound bow for all ages and skill levels, with adjustable draw length and draw weight

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  • The Inception from Bear Archery is a premium compound bow that is just as suitable for target shooting as it is for field shooting.

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  • The Royale is an incredibly lightweight bow and the perfect entry-level compound bow for any young archer.

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  • The Royale Extra is an incredibly lightweight bow with many accessories and is the perfect entry-level compound bow for any young archer.

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Do you love archery? We do too! We are a team of passionate archers and crossbow shooters and exclusively offer products within our range that we personally use and have demonstrated their effectiveness through practical use. If you are still unsure which model is right for you, we will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the best option. If you're looking for the best compound bows and crossbows at an affordable price, you've come to the right place!

The compound bow

A compound bow is a modern variant of the bow that is characterised by its special design and technology. In contrast to traditional bows, such as longbows or recurve bows, a compound bow has a more complex design. The main difference is the use of cables and eccentric pulleys, also known as cams, at the ends of the limbs. The cams make it possible to reduce the pulling force of the bow and still achieve a high arrow speed. This design maintains tension when the bow is drawn, allowing the archer to hold the bow in position for longer without much effort.

Another feature of compound bows is the so-called let-off, the draw weight reduction. Let-off refers to the point at which the draw weight decreases as soon as the bow is fully drawn. This allows the shooter to hold the bow more steadily and concentrate on acquiring the target and the moment of release. Compound bows are often used in archery and hunting. They are known for their precision, power and reliability. The adjustment options for draw weight and draw length allow them to be customised to the shooter's individual preferences and abilities.

Our range includes compound bows and accessories from Bear Archery, PSE Archery, Diamond Archery, Man Kung and EK Archery.

The compound crossbow

A compound crossbow is a further development of the traditional crossbow that uses similar principles and technologies to a compound bow. It combines the advantages of a crossbow, such as high precision and penetrating power, with the technical sophistication of a compound bow. Eccentric deflection pulleys, also known as cams, are attached to the ends of the crossbow. Compound crossbows can feature a compact design thanks to the use of cams and can achieve extreme bolt speeds. The most powerful crossbows on the market use compound technology.

Another feature of compound crossbows is the let-off, similar to the compound bow. The let-off refers to the point at which the draw weight decreases as soon as the crossbow is fully cocked. This is noticeable when the compound crossbow is cocked manually with a cocking rope. Very powerful compound crossbows are cocked with a crank cocking aid, which is sometimes already integrated in the crossbow. Compound crossbows are often equipped with advanced aiming devices, such as telescopic scopes, to further improve accuracy. They are used in both archery and hunting and offer high propulsive energy and penetrating power.

In our shop you will find compound crossbows from industry-leading manufacturers such as BearX, Hori-Zone, Killer Instinct, PSE Archery, Wicked Ridge and TenPoint.

The recurve crossbow

A recurve crossbow has the classic design of a crossbow, which derives its name from the characteristic shape of its limbs, which curve outward. The shape of the limbs is similar to the recurve bow, hence the name "recurve crossbow". Unlike compound crossbows, recurve crossbows do not use complex mechanisms such as pulleys or cams. Instead, they utilise the elasticity of the limbs to store the energy and throw the bolt. Recurve crossbows are known for their simplicity and reliability. They are usually lighter and less complicated to handle than compound crossbows. However, they do require a certain level of physical strength to fully draw the string. Particularly strong recurve crossbows are cocked with a crank cocking aid.

Recurve crossbows are often used in archery, both for recreational purposed and in competitive settings. They are also favoured by traditional archers who appreciate the classic design and challenge of a recurve crossbow. It is important to note that recurve crossbows usually have a lower arrow speed and penetration power compared to compound crossbows, as they do not have the same mechanical support. Nevertheless, they offer solid performance and remain a preferred choice for many shooters. You will find in our shop the entire range of recurve crossbows from the industry-leading manufacturer Excalibur Crossbow.

The small crossbow

The term "small crossbow" is not commonly used and is not standardised. However, there are crossbow models that are labelled "small" because they have certain features that make them easier to handle and transport. In general, the term "small" refers to the dimensions and weight of the crossbow. Small crossbows are usually somewhat shorter and more compact than conventional models. This makes them easier to handle and easier to manoeuvre in confined spaces or dense wooded areas.

Small crossbows are often lighter than standard models, which makes them easier to transport and carry. A lighter weight also allows the shooter to hold the crossbow longer and aim more accurately without tiring quickly, and some small crossbows have folding or detachable components, such as the stock. This further reduces the overall size of the crossbow and makes it easier to store or transport. It is important to note that not all crossbows labelled as "small" have the same characteristics.

The exact definition and features of a small crossbow can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. In recent years, small crossbow models from the manufacturers EK Archery, Steambow and X-Bow FMA Engineering have sparked a significant surge in popularity. Small crossbows are a good option for newcomers to crossbow shooting, as they are generally less powerful than crossbows in classic designs.

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