Killer Instinct Swat X1 Elite Package

The SWAT X1 is one of the most compact compound crossbows on the market, has a unique design and unleashes incredible power, reaching speeds of up to 405fps.

Original price was: CHF 1'890.00.Current price is: CHF 1'699.00.

Killer Instinct Swat X1 Elite Package
Killer Instinct Swat X1 Elite Package CHF 1'890.00 Original price was: CHF 1'890.00.CHF 1'699.00Current price is: CHF 1'699.00.

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The SWAT X1 from Killer Instinct has a unique bullpup design and is one of the most compact compound crossbows on the market. The X1 unleashes incredible power, achieving speeds of up to 405fps (approx. 123m/s).

With a length of only 62cm and a bow width of 16cm when cocked, the X1 still has a draw length of approx. 33.6cm. The closed 360° bullpup design makes the crossbow one of the safest crossbows and gives the X1 its unique, aggressive appearance.

The X1 can be effortlessly cocked manually with a 50% reduction in tension weight; it is even easier with the very quiet crank tensioning aid supplied. The industry-leading 3lbs trigger ensures a clean trigger and is suitable for shooting at longer distances.

The 1.5-5×32 Lumix Speedring 1.5-5×32 IR-E sight has multi-coated optics for exceptional clarity. The scope can be set to different speeds from 270-450fps and the reticle can be adjusted in red or blue. The scope is waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.

The Swat X1 Elite Package includes the sight, the crank cocking aid that can be mounted without tools, a cocking aid, a quiver for three bolts, three 20″ HYPR carbon bolts with field points and a rail lubricant.


405fps (ca. 123m/s)

Draw Weight max.

195lbs (ca. 88kg)

Draw length max.

13.25" (ca. 34cm)

Length (max.)

24.75" (ca. 63cm)

Width (max.)


Width (min.)



7.2lbs (ca. 3.2kg)



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