The Fang has a reverse-cam design that increases power and speed, allowing for arrow speeds of up to 405fps.

The tang has an overall length of 35.5″ and a width of 18″ when untensioned. When the crossbow is cocked, it has a width of 14″. With a weight of approx. 3.1 kg, it is light yet robust. The standout feature of the Fang is its reverse-cam design, which increases power and speed and allows for arrow speeds of up to 405fps.

The Fang is supplied with the high-quality HDV 425 1.5-5X32 scope. This scope is characterized by a variable zoom, a precise illuminated reticle and dots for precise shooting. It ensures precise target acquisition and works particularly well in environments with low light intensity.

The trigger of the Fang has safety features such as Anti-Dry Fire and Auto Safety technology, which provide additional safety when shooting. Thanks to the double string stops, vibrations are minimized and shots are quieter.

The Fang is equipped with an adjustable stock that allows for a customized fit. Two limb suppressors are also included for optimum shooting performance. The package includes a 5-position mounting quiver, three 20-inch carbon bolts with field points and a cocking aid.


405fps (ca. 123m/s)

Draw Weight max.

205lbs (ca. 93kg)

Draw length max.

14.5" (ca. 37cm)

Width (max.)

18" (ca. 45cm)

Width (min.)

14" (ca. 35.5cm)

Length (max.)

35.5" (ca. 90cm)


7.3lbs (ca. 3.3kg)


TrueTimber Viper

PSE Fang HD Accessories