Man Kung Mirage MK-CBA2BK

The Mirage from Man Kung is a versatile bow that can be easily customized to meet your needs and reach arrow speeds of up to 300fps.

Man Kung Mirage MK-CBA2BK CHF 349.00

CHF 349.00

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The Mirage is a versatile bow that can be easily adapted to your own needs. A unique feature of the Mirage is that the draw weight can be adjusted in 5lbs increments from 15-70lbs and the draw length from 19-31″. This results in a large spectrum and it can be adjusted to any body size and strength level. The adjustments can be made by yourself and are explained in the manual.

The handle is made of aluminum and available in a black and a camouflage finish. The limbs are made of fiberglass and can accelerate the standard arrow up to 300fps at maximum extension weight.

The RTS package includes a sight with three fluorescent pins, a peep sight, a release, a mounted D-Loop, a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, a stabilizer, a quiver, a bow sling and 4 carbon arrows. The Mirage is available as a right-hand version, i.e. the string is pulled with the right hand.

Speed: No selection

300fps (ca. 91m/s)

Draw Weight max.: No selection

70lbs (31.7kg)

Draw Weight min.: No selection

15lbs (ca. 7kg)

Let off: No selection


Right or left hand: No selection

Right hand

Draw length max.: No selection

31" (ca. 79cm)

Draw Length min.: No selection

19" (ca. 48cm)

Axle-to-Axle: No selection

30" (ca. 76cm)

Gewicht: No selection

5lbs (ca. 2.3kg)

Color: No selection

black, Camo

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