BearX Trek 380

The BearX Trek 380 compound crossbow offers high precision and quality at an affordable price and can reach speeds of up to 380fps.

The BearX Trek 380 compound crossbows offer high speeds, precision and quality at an affordable price. The Trek 380 delivers arrow speeds of up to 380fps with a draw weight of 185lbs.

The crossbow is easy to move thanks to the non-slip stock and the weight of approx. 3.4 kg. The stock offers various grip options, making this crossbow easy to hold, put on and shoot for different sizes and ages.

The Trek 380 is equipped with a dry-fire safety and string stops. The complete package includes a 4×32 scope with multi crosshairs, an attachable 5-arrow quiver, three carbon bolts with field points, cocking aid and rail lubricant/wax.

BearX is the crossbow brand of compound bow pioneer Bear Archery, which has been manufacturing bows since 1938 and is one of the market leaders in high-quality compound bows.


380fps (ca. 116m/s)

Draw Weight max.

185lbs (ca. 84kg)

Draw length max.

13.25" (ca. 34cm)

Width (max.)

17.5" (ca. 44cm)

Width (min.)

14" (ca. 35.5cm)


7.5lbs (ca. 3.4kg)



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